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For more than 2 years, every Wednesday the open stage at The Raven has been run by Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend. The Open Stage is a place where amateur musicians and poets can come to to express themselves in song and spoken word... Many varieties of entertainer have walked through the doors of The Raven on any given Wednesday.

The Raven Open Stage was inspired by and modeled after one of the best open mics in the city: Lach's Monday night Antihoot at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A at 6th Street.) If you are in the city you really can't go wrong stopping by The Sidewalk and listening or even playing at the Antihoot. The Sidewalk has live music every night, so any night is a good night to stop by if you want to hear something good.

The Raven (
website) is located on the Northeast corner of 12th Street and Avenue A in NYC, NY. If you are interested in performing sign up starts at 6:30pm on Wednesdays. Speak with Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend. (Come early, sign up closes by 7:00pm.)

First Joie opens the stage for the night with some of his songs and then begins calling people up. Early acts get to perform two songs or 8 minutes. At 9:00pm those who haven't gone on yet get to perform one song and then Joie usually closes the act at about 10:00 or so.

All Material in these recordings are protected by copyright on behalf of those who own the songs and music. They are available for personal use only. Please use the contact information I provide to get in touch with the artists if you wish to sell or use this material for non-personal use. (Reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, create derivative works or in any other way violate the copyright.) If I don't have contact information for an artist please contact me () or Joie () and we will attempt to get in contact with the artist. JUST BECAUSE CONTACT INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THIS WORK!

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I'd like to thank The Raven and Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend for their dedication to good live music in a city where such a thing has become a rarity. And thanks to all the performers who made this possible.

Many thanks to Paul Emerson Leicht (mail, website). Without his ongoing support and help writing the site's content it would not exist.

These file are in MP3 format. While smaller, some of the sound quality has been lost in the creation of the MP3. If you are interested in getting CDs with WAV files of true CD quality sound, I can make them for you.
If you are an artist who performed at the open stage I will make you a copy of your tracks for FREE, just ask me. (I will NOT charge you for your own music.)
If you want the full night's recordings (they take up 3 CDs), I have to charge you $8 for the materials.

Contact information for the artists should be adjacent to their tracks. If it is not shown it is because I don't know it or they don't have an email address. You can email me and I will try and pass on any message if I am able.
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